Friday, February 20, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap February 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap is one of my very favorite subscription services.  It comes once a season and costs $19.99 per box.  Each box is themed and is the launch of the new fragrance line for the season. (Be sure to see the YouTube video linked at the bottom of this post for a closer look.) The theme of the spring box was Wonderland and just couldn't be cuter!

There is always a full-sized OCD hand sanitizer. This one is called We're All Mad Here.

This month's whipped cream butter butter is It's Only a Dream.

Their signature fortune cookie soap is called Almost Alice.

It was new to get incense in the box.  This is a canvas bag filled with incense cones in a fragrance called Who Are You?

This was also an item new to me—a body wash called Futterwacken.

There were two bath items—a bath tea called Twisted Tea Party and a bath fizzy called Off with Their Heads.
The last regular item is a perfume oil in a fruity, delicious fragrance called Eat Me.

The box also included a cute little, decorative butterfly... just for fun!

All of the fragrances are floral or fruity and they remind me of spring and make my heart yearn for warmer days.  If you're interested in subscribing to the Fortune Cookie Soap Box, click on my referral link for $5 off $30 (

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