Thursday, January 1, 2015

Monthly Chores

So, once a month I take care of a list of chores that keep things in good working order and keep clutter under control. ***Be sure to see the coordinating video for more detail. It's linked at the bottom of this post.***

Believe it or not, the washing machine can benefit from a monthly washing. I use Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. Pour in a package and set the washer for a large load, hot cycle, heavy wash. It gets rid of build up and mineral deposits, makes the washer sparkle and it smells amazing!

The dishwasher can also benefit from a monthly cleaning. Just run the dishwasher so you can empty it of dishes. (I use this time to give my pets' bowls a good cleaning.) Then put in the cleaner (there are several kinds out there, but I've shown the one I currently have below. Run the dishwasher on a hot cycle, heavy wash. This gets rid of mineral build up and makes the dishwasher sparkle.

On to the garbage disposal which can get pretty disgusting without regular cleaning. I have shown a few different products that are good for cleaning it. If you have a double sided sink, plug up the one side so the foam doesn't come out. Follow the package directions and when you're finished, but sure to use a cloth to clean the junk off the underside of the rubber guard.

I also do a quick scan of my fridge to make sure nothing has been pushed to the back and forgotten about. I throw away anything spoiled.

I wash my hairbrushes and makeup brushes once a month, too. I just soak my brushes and then scrub off any dirt or residue from hair products.  I also wash my makeup brushes either by rubbing each one on a wet bar of soap or using olive oil and baby shampoo. Just be sure to keep cleaning until the water runs clear.

Purses can gather so much junk, so a once a month cleaning keeps the junk under control. I empty the purse, throw out receipts and others stuff, and then shake out the back to get rid of dust and lint. Then I load it back up.

Next, it's out to the garage for a quick clean up of the car. I don't wash, dust, and vacuum at this time, I just throw away the trash and remove anything from the car that belongs elsewhere.

Those are my once-a-month chores. Then I have two things I do every three months. The first is descaling the coffee maker. Check the manufacturer's instructions, but basically, this involves running vinegar through the coffee maker to brake up mineral deposits.

Finally, once every three months we change the filter on our heater. It is a filter designed to last three months, so if yours is not, you may need to change it more often.

Let me know if you have other monthly chores that I should add to my list! For more detail about each of these, check out my YouTube video linked below:

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