Sunday, November 2, 2014 Mini Haul

It seems that most of my "hauls" are on  It's kind of dangerous, actually, casually shopping in my home.  Amazon Prime makes it even easier with no shipping charges.  Anyway, I placed a small order of a bunch of different stuff recently, so here's what I got:

First, I got this Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer.  I like this one because the switch is on the top and not down on the cord.  It was just under $10 and has been doing a nice job of keeping my coffee and tea warm when I get busy and forget about it.

I also got a two-pack of glass nail files.  These are very small--just 3.5 inches and do a nice job of smoothing out snags.

I love these new lunch boxes by EasyLunchBoxes.  It's so nice to have one container and one lid that keeps all the sections separately sealed.

I picked up one extra set of dishes to keep on hand in case any of the ones I have get chipped.  This set is by Pfaltzgraff and is so perfect for fall.

And, finally, I got a double pack of Guerlain Meteorites Light Revealing Pearls of Powder.  This adds such a nice finish to makeup and I love it.  You can still get this on, but the great deal I got is no longer available, so I don't want to link it.  I recommend going to and doing a search for the product name to see the deals they currently have.
If you want a more detailed look at each of the things I got in my mini-haul, check out my YouTube channel and don't forget to subscribe!

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