Monday, February 13, 2017

Fortune Cookie Soap Box—Spring 2017

I love the Fortune Cookie Soap subscription service!  It comes 4 times a year for $19.99 and includes 8 products (some full size, some samples).  The products are great quality and have AMAZING fragrances.  I always appreciate the cute theme of each box and the card included that gives a detailed description of each product.

The box has a Sleeping Beauty theme (or is it Beauty and the Beast?) and all of the scents are really nice.
This bar of Fortune Cookie Soap is in Enchanted Rose and has a mix of rose, violets, and vanilla.

This hand sanitizer called Magic Mirror smells like watermelon, peach, and neroli.

This is a lip tint called Beauty and smells like tangerine and vanilla.

I LOVE the whipped cream body butter.  This one, called Bonjour, is a fragrant mix of tea leaves and lemons.

This one is a perfume oil called There's Something Sweet.  It is so fresh smelling and is described as smelling like rice flower blossoms and spring rain.

Tame the Beast is a hair detangler with a delicate scent of black cherries, patchouli, and sandlewood.

This one is a toner tablet.  You drop it into a sink of hot water, throw a towel over your head and let the steam do its work on your skin.  The fragrance, called Happily Ever After, is a mix of bergamot, mandarin oranges, and grapefruit.

Finally, is the most underwhelming of the box.  This tea light candle is suppose to smell like blackberries, tart apples, magnolia, and sugar, but quite frankly, it smells like NOTHING.  Even when burning... nothing.  Oh, well.  One miss out of 8 isn't so bad.

That's it!  Can't wait for my next box that will come in May.  Be sure to check out Fortune Cookie Soap!

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