Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Home Management Binder—This Week

If you just started following this series, be sure to check out Section 1.

The second section of my home management binder is titled This Week.  There are a few printables I use in this section to organize general tasks for the week, goal planning, and meal planning.


The first printable is one that I use as a sort of dashboard.  The tasks on this page stay the same and help me prioritize things I want to do on particular days.  For example, on Mondays, I plan meals for the week and go grocery shopping.  On Tuesdays, I work on my online classes, catch up on watching YouTube videos and film videos for my channels (BusyBeingJen and My Flagstaff Home). You can access this printatble HERE.

Meal Planning

The next printable is for meal planning.  I don't have to print multiple copies of this nifty sheet because the boxes are filled in with sticky notes.  I write a meal idea on a note and stick it in one of the boxes.  These are replaced each week. You can access this printatble HERE.

Weekly Goals

A similar printable is used for my goals for the week.  On sticky notes in these boxes, I list 15-minute projects (see next week's post and video) that I want to complete during the week.  You can access this printatble HERE.

Join me next week for Section 3 of the binder where I explain and give examples of 15-Minute Projects.

For more detail, check out the video linked below.

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