Friday, February 6, 2015

January Favorites 2015

There were seven things I was loving in the month of January.  For a more detailed look, be sure to watch my YouTube video linked below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

First, I love my nail polish base coat by L'Oreal.  I love it because it seems to be the only base coat I've found that keeps my polish on without chipping.

I have also been loving my NYX eyeshadow palette called Barefoot in the Sand.  The shades are all matte, but have little sparkles in them.  They are not shimmery, which I love!

Next, is my Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss in the shade Must-Have Pink.  The formula is super shiny and NOT sticky.  The shade is a lovely, muted pink and works well by itself or layered over lipstick.

I was also loving a Benefit perfume called Laugh with Me Lee Lee.  It is a gentle, powdery fragrance.

The next one was from a BoxyCharm box I got in the fall and it's an eyelid primer by Mica Beauty Cosmetics.  It is the best eyelid primer I've found and does a great job of keeping eyeshadow and under-eye concealer on all day!

The Clinique blush in Precious Posy is an old favorite that I hadn't been using, but started to use again.

The last is a whipped cream body butter by Fortune Cookie Soap.  The fragrance is a mix of cranberry, pine, spruce, clove, and mandarin orange.  It's hard to imagine how that would smell, but it's amazing!

That's it for January!  What were your favorite things?

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