Friday, January 16, 2015

Update--Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad

I do hate those wrinkles I get on my chest from sleeping on my side. So, in August I started using the Bellini Anti-Wrinkle Reuseable Chest Pad.  It REALLY works and the wrinkles are very much diminished.  There are a few tips I have, though, to make it last longer.

1.  Wash and dry the chest skin before putting it on.  Do not use moisturizer or powder before using.

2. Wear a nightshirt that won't catch on the corners of the pad as you sleep.

3.  Replace the protective cover after removing.

4.  Rinse on occasion to bring back the adhesive effects.

5.  Wash with a light soap to bring back the adhesive effects.

6.  If the corners begin to peel back and loose the ability to stick, cut them off and continue to use.

I have been able to get each pad to last 6 weeks or more.  Be sure to see the coordinating YouTube video for details.

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