Friday, December 5, 2014

November Empties 2014

I finished quite a few things during the month of November. Many of them were ones I had wanted to finish from my tag video—Things to Finish Before the End of the Year.

I finished six facial masks—three from Dermal and three from MJCare. I would say the MJCare masks are better than Dermal because the liquid is less runny, but both are fine to use. I also finished four bath fizzies from Bath Fusion Company.  I finished a bag of Epsom Salt, which is great to add to any bath along with a fizzy for extra soothing properties. I finished two products from Bath and Body Works. The first was a body lotion call Beautiful Day and the second was a foaming hand soap called Fall Cranberry Harvest. One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes by Clinique is a quad called Teddy Bear. All four of the shades have golden undertones that are beautiful. And, finally, I finished a product called Zum Rub by Indigo Wild (it sells at for less than the main site). It is super greasy and great to put on feet before bed and it doesn't leave grease stains on the sheets.

I have already repurchased more of the bath fizzies, epsom salt, hand soap, Zum Rub, and Clinique Teddy Bear eyeshadow.

Be sure to watch the coordinating YouTube video for more detail:

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