Saturday, July 25, 2015

Journey to Walking 26.2—Nutrition

When training for a half-marathon of full marathon (running or walking), it is important to think about proper nutrition.  Here are some basic tips.

1.  In general, in the weeks leading up to the race, eat a balanced diet, including whole grains.  You do not need to carb-load everyday.

2.  Three days before the race, increase carbs to 60% of your diet to increase glycogen storage.

3.  The night before a race, do not eat food that is too heavy or greasy.

4.  The morning of the race, eat a light breakfast that is low in protein, heavier in carbs.  For example, eat a bagel or oatmeal and a banana.

5.  During the race, drink a sports drink periodically or consume a product such as Jelly Belly Sport Beans or Shot Blocks for electrolyte replacement.

6.  For energy during a race, consider consuming an energy gel like GU or Power Gel.

Here are some links to expert advice on marathon nutrition:
The Rules of Marathon Nutrition

48-Hour Pre-Race Marathon Nutrition

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, trainer, or healthcare professional.  Be sure to check with a doctor before engaging in vigorous exercise and be sure to consult a professional about decisions in training for walking or running long distances.

For more information, see the video below:

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