Sunday, September 7, 2014

August/Summer Favorites 2014

 There were several things I found myself loving in August and throughout the whole summer, in general.  For more details, be sure to check out my YouTube video linked just below (and I'd love it if you would subscribe to my channel at

 First off, I have been loving my Naked Basics eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay.  It is a great everyday neutral palette with ALL matte shades.  Shimmer shadows make my eyelids look crepier than they already are, so this palette is one of my favorites.

Next up are my Leslie Phillips Switchflops.  These come in a wedge or flat flipflop, but the cool thing is that you can switch out the straps.  They attach to a base strap with velcro.  Isn't that the greatest idea?  So, I have one pair in brown and one pair in black and then I have about 10 different straps that I can switch out to go with whatever outfit I'm wearing.  LOVE THESE!

The next product I'm loving came in my June BoxyCharm box.  I didn't have high hopes for the Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara because my old, thinning eyelashes need lots of help.  I had been using a L'Oreal mascara that worked great for adding volume.  Well, what do you know?  This is my new favorite.  It adds length and volume for a whole lot less money!  BoxyCharm said it retails for $7.99 a tube, but Target sells it for $4.99.  How can you beat that???

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is my next favorite.  It is not a self-tanner.  It instantly tans skin and washes off in the shower.  The trick with this is to apply it with a brush (I use a kabuki brush).  It goes on nicely and gives a flawless, tanned look to the skin. 

The next one was also from my June BoxyCharm box.  It's a water-resistant eye liner by Tarina Tarantino in the color Cute Robot (which is actually navy blue).  This is a great color, makes the eyes "pop," and is long lasting without creating raccoon eyes.
And yet another from my June BoxyCharm box (it was a really great box!) was a Tarte cheek stain in the shade Blushing Bride.  This is a great color... really great for summer... and stays on a long time.
I also fell in love with this shirt from Fresh Produce.  I have this one and one in a light purple.  Comfy, cute, and has long short sleeves to cover up those upper arms I hate to show.  (Did I mention that aging stinks?) 

I also loved my braided hairband by Under Armour.  I wear it whenever I go out for a long walk.  It is stretchy and has a rubber grip on the underside, so it stays in place to hold my hair back. 

And finally, a kind of strange favorite... an insect repellent by Cutter.  It's called Cutter Sensations.  I love it because it keeps mosquitoes away and doesn't stink like most sprays.  It has Aloe and Vitamin E and although I didn't notice that it moisturized my skin (who really thinks about that when trying to keep mosquitoes away?), it did the job and I used it all summer long. 

So, what were you loving this summer?  Be sure to check out my YouTube video linked below where

I share more details about each product:

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