Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap August 2014

Fortune Cookie Soap is a fun subscription service for bath, skincare, and haircare products.  The boxes ship every three months (February, May, August, and November) and cost $19.99 per box.  Two products in each box are full sized (the soap and the hand sanitizer) and the others are good-sized samples.  Each box has a theme.  My first box in February of 2014 had the theme In the Garden of Good and Evil and the products were a mix of fragrances (evil: warm, heavier scents--good: lighter, more floral scents).

My May box had the theme Candy Aisle that was a spin on CandyLand.  I had mixed feelings about the fragrances.  The dreamcicle wax melt, lemon face scrub, bubble gum lip scrub, citrus sparkle spray, mint chocolate soap, and grape sugar scrub were all great scents and great products.

On the down side, were the OCD hand sanitizer and whipped cream body butter.  The cherry hand sanitizer smelled, not like actual cherries or even like cherry candy, but rather smelled like cherry cough syrup.  Ick!  While I LOVE the whipped cream body butter formula (so moisturizing and smooth), it smelled like Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries.  I don't know, I've just never wanted to smell like breakfast cereal, so that one was a real miss for me.

I received my August box this week and this one is way better.  It has a Wizard of Oz theme and started off with a cinnamon-y smelling soap in ruby red with sparkles (ruby slippers) called There's No Place Like Home.  The OCD hand sanitizer has a nice warm scent and is called Roy G. Biv.

This month the whipped cream body butter comes in four scents.  Mine was BFF and has a nice scent of pumpkin and blueberries.  Odd combination, I know, but it works!  Another facial scrub (Swankified Walnut) smells of bananas, cake batter, and walnuts.  Yum!

Hair oil (called Hair Flip), perfume oil (The Shiz), personal space air freshener (Flying Monkeys), and a bubble bath powder called Miss Popular.

I'm really happy with the scents of all of the products in this box and am looking forward to trying all of them.  Each box also comes with a bonus $10 off code on a future purchase.  If you're interested, click the referral link to go to the Fortune Cookie Soap website where there is usually a great discount for new customers:

For more details and my reactions to the products, click the video below:

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