Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Empties

I ended up finishing a few things this month, so let me tell you about them.  First of all, I finished a Lush Product called Ocean Salt scrub.  Not only is this a great body and face scrub (go easy on the face), it also has a really nice smell.  I will definitely be getting more of this.

Then I finished an eye cream by Clinique.  It was suppose to reduce puffiness.  It was a fine cream, but didn't really wow me.  I bought an Olay Regenerist product for my next eye cream.

I also finished a small container of Whipped Cream Body Butter from Fortune Cookie Soap.  I love their products and their body butter is an incredibly soft, moisturizing formula.

I emptied a bottle of Wen Conditioning Cleanser.  If you haven't tried Wen, it is a great shampoo/conditioner in one if you want smooth, sleek hair.  If you want volume, this is not the product for you.  I recently canceled by auto-shipments from Wen and have things to say in my video (linked below) about their way of doing business, but I have nothing bad to say about their products.

Finally, I said an early "goodbye" to my Sumita Color Contrast Eyeliner that I got in a Birchbox a few months ago.  While it is a nice, cream formula and goes on smooth and easy, it's just a mess.  Black gobs in the corners of my eyes and raccoon eyes within hours.  Not worth it, so I'm tossing it before it's all used up.

For a closer look at these products and my experiences with them, check out my video on YouTube:

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