Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Organization Week 2: The Laundry Room and a Giveaway!

The Laundry Room

I am participating in a 14-week organizational challenge through A Bowl Full of Lemons.  Join me every Tuesday and be sure to check out my coordinating YouTube video each week.  Be sure to watch the video below (linked below) for information about a giveaway, too!

Here's the description of this week's challenge and a link where you can sign up.

Week 2 Challenge: http://www.abowlfulloflemons.net/2015/01/14-week-organizing-challenge-week-2-the-laundry-room.html

Sign up: https://madmimi.com/signups/127738/join

So, for the past week I was working on my kitchen. Mostly I wanted to organize three cabinets and two junk drawers.  I ended up doing that in addition to wiping out cabinets.  It feels so good to have this finished!  Here is my kitchen:

Here are some before and after photos. First cabinet before and after:

Second cabinet before and after:

 Third cabinet before and after:
First junk drawer before and after:
 Second junk drawer before and after:

For the coming week, I will focus on the laundry room, so I'll wipe out and straight cabinets and vacuum behind the washer and dryer.  I've also decided to make my laundry room look a little cute.  It's so plain right now.

Join me next week to see the final result of my laundry room and be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube to be notified of future videos (http://www.youtube.com/busybeingjen).

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