Tuesday, December 12, 2017

2018 Reading Challenge

For 2018, I'm challenging myself to read books in different genres. While my list is quite long, my intention is to read at least 12 books, but maybe more.  Here's my list, but I would encourage you to adapt it with your own interests.

2018 Reading Challenge

o   A cozy mystery

o   A classic romance

o   A classic

o   A book that became a movie

o   A book with a number in the title

o   A book about Christian living

o   A mystery or thriller

o   A book with a one-word title

o   A book of short stories

o   A book on the New York Times bestseller list

o   A book at the bottom of your T0-Be-Read pile

o   A memoir

o   A book you can finish in a day

o   A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit

o   A book in a trilogy

o   A book you loved as a kid

o   A book of poetry

o   A book you own but have never read

o   A book that takes place in your hometown/state

o   A book won on Goodreads

o   A book set during Christmas

o   A banned book

o   A book you started but never finished

o   A book about a road trip

o   A book about race or racial issues

o   A Young Adult fiction book

o   A Juvenile fiction book

o   A book with a yellow cover

o   A book with the ocean on the cover

o   A book about a hobby

o   A children’s book I own, but haven’t read

o   A book of choice

o   A book of choice

o   A book of choice

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